Blood in Rust is a non-functional item previously tied to crafting medical supplies. As of now, it does not serve any active purpose in gameplay and cannot be collected through regular means within the game. Developers might reintroduce its usage at a later stage, potentially reviving its role in health-related items.

Despite its current lack of utility, blood was once a valuable resource for survival, hinting at the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of Rust's crafting system. Players should keep an eye on future updates for any changes to Blood's status or new applications that may emerge. In the meantime, attention should be directed towards actively obtainable resources to advance in the game.

To optimize your play strategy, focus on gathering and crafting items with immediate benefits for your health and defense, such as bandages, medical syringes, and armors. These items will more directly influence your survival odds in Rust's challenging environment. Always remain adaptable and informed about the latest game updates to make the most of the resources available to you.