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Door Key

Door Key

Door Keys in Rust are essential items for individual players needing to secure their base or specific rooms. They function directly with a Key Lock system, ensuring only individuals with the corresponding key can open or close a door. It's important to note that whoever installs the Key Lock on a door will have automatic access, negating the need for a physical door key.

However, if a player loses the key, they lose access to the locked area unless they can create a new one. Additionally, if another player kills the key holder and takes the key, they could potentially gain access to the base if they can locate it. This makes carrying door keys outside a risky move, possibly leading to compromised security.

To mitigate such risks, especially for groups or teams, it's recommended to transition to Code Locks. Code Locks allow multiple people access without the vulnerabilities associated with physical keys. While Key Locks are more suitable for solo players due to their simplicity, Code Locks provide a more secure and convenient solution for shared access.

For solitary players, creating and hiding backup keys in strategic locations may serve as a safeguard against accidental loss. Nevertheless, always weigh the risks when deciding on your Rust base's security setup.

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