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Frog Boots

Frog Boots

The Frog Boots is an exclusive in-game item in Rust, a popular survival game. These boots were a special reward for players who supported Rust by owning it during its Early Access period before its official release. Alongside their unique appearance, Frog Boots offer superior radiation protection compared to other early-game footwear options. This added protection makes them slightly overpowered (OP) when venturing into radioactive areas early in the game.

Wearing Frog Boots provides not only a stylistic edge but also a practical advantage for early gamers facing the game's environmental hazards. They are particularly useful for players looking to explore radiation zones without the immediate need for advanced gear. Although not available for newcomers, players who have these boots can enjoy an early leg-up in their survival journey.

Apart from their radiation resistance, Frog Boots do not offer significant defense against other elements or enemies. Nonetheless, for players eager to make headway in Rust without succumbing to radiation, Frog Boots are an excellent piece of equipment to wear. Remember to pair them with other protective clothing to maximize your chances of survival in Rust's harsh and unforgiving world.

Craft Frog Boots

Workbench Level
Frog Boots Blueprint
Steam item
0.25–1 sec

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