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Hose Tool

Hose Tool

The Rust Hose Tool is an essential in-game item designed to create fluid pathways between various objects. This tool allows players to interact with input/output handles found on tanks, barrels, or other liquid storage devices. To use it, simply aim the Hose Tool at the desired object, select the proper handle, and thereafter click on the second object's handle to establish a connection. It's a quick and user-friendly way to transfer liquids like water and fuel within the game, playing a critical role in base management and resource collection.

When using the Hose Tool, players should ensure that the first click is on the output and the final click on the input handle to initiate the flow of liquid properly. Efficient use of the Hose Tool can greatly impact survival by enabling sophisticated setups for farming or providing fuel to generators and vehicles. Always remember that the length of the hose connection is limited, so plan your setup accordingly. Lastly, securing your hose connections within a base or enclosed area is advisable to prevent sabotage from other players.

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Hose Tool
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0.25–1 sec

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Hose Tool
High Quality Metal

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