Paper in Rust is a crafting material that was originally used to create notes within the game. However, players should note that this item's functionality has changed, and wood has replaced paper as the required ingredient for note crafting. As of the current game update, paper does not serve a practical purpose and cannot be used for crafting or other in-game activities.

While paper may not have a current use, veteran players might remember it from earlier versions of Rust. Newer players may still encounter references to paper in older guides or discussions. It is important to keep up with the latest Rust updates, as items like paper could potentially be reintroduced with new uses in future updates. For now, it remains in the game's database, reminding players of the game's ongoing evolution and development.

For those interested in crafting notes or looking for paper in Rust, you can directly use wood from your inventory to do so. Always stay informed about recipe changes to make sure you're using your resources efficiently. Keep an eye on official Rust updates for any news on paper or changes to crafting recipes that might impact how you gather and use materials in the game.

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