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Paper Map

Paper Map

The Paper Map is an essential navigation tool in Rust, providing a complete overview of the game's island terrain. Although it cannot be crafted anymore, it's a valuable item for players starting out. For the low cost of 5 wood, the map displays numerous details such as topography, biome types, landmarks, and even positions and information of vending machines.

To use the map, simply assign it to your hotbar and press the G key to view it. Once opened, players can easily spot their current location, indicated by a marker, and the direction they're facing. This functionality is crucial for effective exploration and strategizing movements across the vast and diverse landscapes of Rust.

Despite the Paper Map not being craftable, players should attempt to acquire one through other means, as it greatly assists in navigation and situational awareness. Remember, always have your Paper Map easily accessible, especially when venturing into unfamiliar territories or when planning resource runs and base expansions. It's a game-changer for both new adventurers and seasoned survivors alike.

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