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Pump Jack

Pump Jack

The Pump Jack is a vital resource-extraction tool in the survival game Rust. Designed for collecting Crude Oil from the environment, it's not something players can craft. Instead, you'll find Pump Jacks pre-installed near certain monuments: the Power Plant, Train Yard, and Water Treatment facilities on the game's map. While exploring these areas, players can make use of the Pump Jack by fueling it with Diesel Fuel, which powers the equipment to pump out valuable Crude Oil.

Once you've secured some Diesel Fuel, operating the Pump Jack is pretty straightforward. The harvested Crude Oil can be refined into Low Grade Fuel, a crucial component for crafting various items and powering engines within the game. Ensuring a steady supply of fuel can significantly boost your capabilities and efficiency in Rust.

Remember, though, that these locations are typically high-traffic and may attract attention from other players, so be prepared for potential conflicts. Additionally, keep an eye on the fuel levels to maintain continuous oil extraction and optimize your gathering efforts. Mastering the use of the Pump Jack could be a game-changer for your survival and dominance in the harsh world of Rust.

Pump Jack Yields

Yield Per Barrel
2 min 10 sec
Diesel Fuel