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Pumpkin Plant Clone

Pumpkin Plant Clone

The Pumpkin Plant Clone in Rust is a gardening item used to propagate new pumpkin plants. It is essentially a clipping taken from an existing pumpkin plant that has reached at least 65% growth. Players can obtain it by pressing and holding the E key while facing a pumpkin plant in the aforementioned growth stage. This action does not harm the original plant and provides a way for players to cultivate a consistent and renewable food source.

Once you have the Pumpkin Plant Clone, you can plant it in a planter box or on the ground. With proper care, including watering and ensuring it has plenty of sunlight, the clone will eventually grow into a fully mature pumpkin plant, which produces pumpkins. Harvested pumpkins can be eaten for hydration and caloric intake, essential for a player's survival.

Besides being a food source, pumpkins can also be worn as a makeshift head protection, although this provides very limited defense. Efficient use of Pumpkin Plant Clones in Rust can provide a stable supply of food, crucial for long-term survival and base maintenance. It also offers players the opportunity to engage in farming, adding another layer of depth to the game's survival mechanics.