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Anti-Radiation Pills

Anti-Radiation Pills

Anti-Radiation Pills in Rust are essential for survival, designed to remove radiation sickness. These pills are an important item you should always carry, especially when exploring areas affected by radiation. Unlike protective gear that prevents radiation exposure, Anti-Radiation Pills are taken after you have been exposed to reduce radiation levels in your body quickly.

While these pills are highly effective in decreasing radiation poisoning, it is crucial to note that they come with a side effect - they significantly increase dehydration. Therefore, ensure you have an adequate supply of water before using them. Additionally, Anti-Radiation Pills can serve another purpose; they can be traded at the Bandit Camp for scrap, adding to their utility in the game.

When to use these pills is as important as having them. Use Anti-Radiation Pills only when you've contracted radiation sickness, as they will not prevent radiation damage if taken beforehand. Keep a stack in your inventory for emergencies and manage your hydration levels after consumption to maintain your health and continue your survival journey in Rust.

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Anti-Radiation Pills