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Building Plan

Building Plan

The Building Plan is an essential tool in Rust for constructing the initial framework of structures using wood. It allows players to design twig-tier foundations, walls, floors, and other essential building components, which serve as the skeleton for more advanced construction. Twig structures created with the Building Plan are weak and vulnerable but require only a small amount of wood, making them perfect for the planning stage of a build.

To strengthen and secure your structures, you can upgrade these twigs using a Hammer, as long as you have the necessary materials such as stone, metal fragments, or high-quality metal. This flexibility permits players to reinforce their base progressively, adapting to their resource availability.

It's important to note that the Building Plan cannot be used everywhere. Building is restricted in areas controlled by others' Tool Cupboards unless you have authorization. Additionally, certain parts of the map like landmarks and monuments (radtowns) prohibit building to maintain fairness and balance in the game.

As you venture into the wilds of Rust, the Building Plan becomes your companion, helping transform your vision into a fortified haven. Remember that strategic placement and timely upgrades of your twig structures will give you a crucial edge in survival against both environmental threats and rival players.

Craft Building Plan

Workbench Level
Building Plan
Building Plan Blueprint
Known by Default
3–15 sec

Building Plan Blueprint

Scrap Total

Recycle Building Plan


What can Building Plan build?

Building Block
Twig Doorway
Twig Floor
Twig Floor Frame
Twig Floor Triangle
Twig Floor Triangle Frame
Twig Foundation
Twig Half Wall
Twig Low Wall
Twig Ramp
Twig Roof
Twig Roof Triangle
Twig Stairs L Shape
Twig Stairs Spiral
Twig Stairs Spiral Triangle
Twig Steps
Twig Triangle Foundation
Twig U Shaped Stairs
Twig Wall
Twig Wall Frame
Twig Window