The Canbourine is an item in the survival game Rust. It is crafted from a collection of crumpled cans arranged in a circular fashion to mimic the classic tambourine. The item serves as a musical instrument providing rhythmic background percussion to any in-game situation. Ideal for players looking to add a bit of entertainment to their gameplay, the Canbourine can be used for leisure or to lighten the mood in the Rust environment.

Easily crafted, the Canbourine is accessible to players in all stages of the game. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned survivor, this instrument adds an element of creativity to your inventory. It's not only for fun, though; clever players can use the Canbourine to signal allies or even distract enemies during tense moments. For those interested in in-game roleplay, it's an essential item to enhance the social experience.

Remember, while the Canbourine is a low-cost item, it doesn't fit into the category of essential survival gear. Prioritize your survival needs first, but when the time is right, enjoy the camaraderie and joy that this simple, yet delightful item can bring to your Rust adventures.

Craft Canbourine

Workbench Level
Canbourine Blueprint
Requires DLC
Instruments Pack
5–20 sec

Recycle Canbourine