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Clatter Helmet

Clatter Helmet

The Clatter Helmet is a unique protective gear in the survival game Rust, specifically tailored for players who are fans of the game Clatter. To obtain this item, you must first purchase Clatter, then play it for at least 30 minutes. The Clatter Helmet serves as a stylish accessory as well as a token of your gaming achievements across different titles.

Once equipped, the Clatter Helmet offers a modest level of protection to your character's head, reducing the damage taken from attacks and environmental hazards. Although it's not the strongest helmet available, its distinctive look makes it a popular choice among players who want to stand out in the game.

For the best use of the Clatter Helmet, combine it with other defensive items to enhance your overall survival chances. Keep in mind, the helmet is more of a collector's item than a go-to choice for high-risk combat scenarios. However, it can still save your character in a pinch and is a must-have for dedicated fans of both Rust and Clatter.

Craft Clatter Helmet

Workbench Level
Clatter Helmet Blueprint
Steam item
7–30 sec

Recycle Clatter Helmet