Coal in Rust is a special seasonal item that players can obtain exclusively during the Christmas event. It's commonly found within stockings hung by the in-game fireplace and also in various presents that players receive during the festive period. Contrary to real-life expectations, coal in Rust doesn't serve any direct purpose in crafting or as a fuel source.

While it might seem like a disappointing item to receive, players can leverage coal by using it in the game's recycling mechanic to get back a small return on resources. This can slightly offset its inventory-cluttering reputation. However, players cannot use coal for smelting or any form of energy generation, which can lead some to see it as a prank gift, in keeping with the holiday spirit of giving 'naughty' children coal.

For those looking to tidy up their inventory, you might consider coal as a throwaway item – particularly after the event has concluded. Keep in mind, the scarcity of coal after the Christmas event can make it a unique, albeit non-functional, collectible for some Rust enthusiasts.

In summary, coal in Rust is a temporary novelty item with limited use, mostly present to add to the festive atmosphere of the game during Christmas. Remember to check those stockings and unwrap presents during the event for your chance to find it!

Get Coal from Gifts

Recycle Coal