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Cooked Human Meat

Cooked Human Meat

The Cooked Human Meat is an item in the game Rust that can be obtained by cooking Raw Human Meat using a Campfire or other cooking appliances. Consuming Cooked Human Meat provides the player with caloric energy which is essential for survival and maintaining health. However, a significant drawback of eating this meat is the dehydration it inflicts, reducing the player's hydration levels.

It is not the most desirable food source due to potential health risks and moral implications, yet in desperate situations, it may become a necessary part of a player's diet. Players should be aware that consuming human meat, even cooked, can lead to a loss of health points over time due to its toxic nature. Therefore, players are urged to partake only if they have access to plenty of water to counteract the dehydration effects. Moreover, it's advisable to consume it sparingly and seek out more favorable food sources as soon as possible to maintain your health and hydration in the harsh world of Rust.

To cook Raw Human Meat, simply place it in the inventory of a lit campfire and wait for it to turn into Cooked Human Meat. Keep in mind that overcooking will turn it into Burnt Human Meat, which offers even less nutritional value and should be avoided. As a survival strategy, prioritize obtaining more conventional and less hazardous food options such as fish, game meat, or gathered edibles to ensure your long-term survival in the game.

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