Fertilizer in Rust is a crucial resource used to enhance the growth of plants by improving the soil quality. It is created in a composter, an in-game item where organic materials such as food waste are recycled. Using fertilizer leads to faster and more efficient crop production, essential for survival and base maintenance. Players can expect healthier plants and increased yields when applying fertilizer to their gardens.

To utilize fertilizer, players should apply it directly to the soil in their planters or garden beds. The nutrient-rich composition of fertilizer significantly boosts the health and growth rate of planted seeds, making it an invaluable asset for any farmer in Rust. Remember, consistently using fertilizer will ensure a steady supply of food and cloth, which are pivotal for crafting and in-game progression.

A handy tip for players is to consistently collect organic waste to produce a never-ending supply of fertilizer. Additionally, understanding which plants thrive with different soil conditions can maximize the effectiveness of your fertilizer, allowing for even better results with your farming endeavors in the Rust world.

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