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Door Closer

Door Closer

The Door Closer is an essential item in Rust for ensuring your base remains secure by automatically closing doors after they have been opened. Its main purpose is to prevent intruders from taking advantage of an accidentally left open door, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Traditional means of acquiring this item are not available to regular players, as it cannot be found through looting barrels or crates. Instead, the Door Closer can only be obtained by server admins with the necessary permissions, and it is spawned directly into the game through the use of console commands.

In terms of usage, once installed, the Door Closer operates on a preset timer, swiftly and efficiently closing doors after a brief interval of time. This is particularly useful for players who are frequently entering and exiting their base, as it eliminates the need to remember to close doors manually. For players responsible for server management, the Door Closer provides a way to maintain base security without imposing on the gameplay of others. Additionally, for community servers or custom scenarios, it helps to maintain a certain level of order and reduces the risk of simple security oversights.

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