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Lumberjack Stash

Lumberjack Stash

The Lumberjack Stash is a special personal container in the popular survival game Rust. It automatically appears for a player when they accept a lumberjack mission within the game. Designed to hold resources collected during the mission, this stash is crucial for players looking to complete their objectives efficiently. It is a temporary item, existing only for the duration of the mission, and provides a secure place to store wood and other associated materials.

Upon initiating a lumberjack mission, the player is tasked with gathering resources like wood. The Lumberjack Stash serves as a personal inventory expansion, allowing players to collect more items than they could carry in their standard inventory. This is highly beneficial, as it minimizes trips back to a base or safe spot to unload resources. Moreover, having the stash keeps the collected items safe from looting by other players, giving mission-takers an added layer of security.

To maximize its use, players should locate their Lumberjack Stash as soon as the mission starts and plan their resource gathering route with the stash in mind. It's important to note that if a player fails the mission or it times out, the contents of the stash may be lost. Therefore, it's advisable to keep track of the mission's progress and time left to ensure no resources are wasted. Understanding the mechanics of the Lumberjack Stash can significantly enhance a player's gameplay and success within Rust.

Lumberjack Stash Content

100 %

Lumberjack Stash Missions

Lost Bottles
Help the lumberjack find his lost bottle
Vodka Bottle