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Medium Frankenstein Head

Medium Frankenstein Head

The Medium Frankenstein Head is an essential component in the survival game Rust, used to craft a unique creation at the Frankenstein Table. This item represents the middle-tier option when selecting a head for assembling your personalized monster. It offers a balance of features that distinguishes it from its counterparts, the Small and Large Frankenstein Heads, namely in terms of size and appearance.

Players obtain the Medium Frankenstein Head through looting or by engaging with various in-game events, which then can be combined with other body parts at the Frankenstein Table to construct a monster. This monster acts as a companion that follows the player around, providing both companionship and a tactical advantage against enemies.

When using the Medium Frankenstein Head, players should consider its compatibility with other body parts to ensure the best results for their creation. Due to its balanced nature, it is generally a versatile choice regardless of the other components selected. Additionally, engaging in Frankenstein Table crafting can also yield potential rewards that enhance gameplay and contribute to the player's survival strategy.

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