The Megaphone is an in-game item in the popular survival video game Rust. Designed for players looking to amplify their voice across distances, the Megaphone allows users to broadcast messages to nearby players effectively. To operate it, simply press the [attack] button (usually the left mouse button), and speak into your microphone. Your voice will be projected, enabling communication with others even from afar.

This item is particularly useful for coordinating with teammates during raids, making announcements to nearby players, or even for negotiating with others from a safe distance. As a strategic communication tool, it often plays a crucial role in the complex social interactions within Rust's multiplayer environment. It is essential to note that using a Megaphone will reveal your location and might attract unwanted attention, so it is wise to use it judiciously.

Also, bear in mind that the Megaphone requires batteries to function. Without power, your attempts to amplify your voice will be in vain. Proper resource management is key to ensuring that when you need to have your voice heard, you are not left silent due to a lack of power. The Megaphone is a simple but powerful tool in Rust, and with it, your voice can be a major influence on the landscape of the game.

Craft Megaphone

Workbench Level
Megaphone Blueprint
Requires DLC
Voice Props Pack
3–15 sec

Recycle Megaphone