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Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

The Mobile Phone in Rust is a portable communication device that players can use to make calls to other players from any location on the game's map. It represents advanced in-game Cobalt technology, enabling real-time voice chat with friends or allies. To use it, simply press the [attack] button, which brings up the dialer interface. With this tool, players can share information, coordinate attacks, or simply socialize within the game.

The Mobile Phone is especially useful for maintaining long-distance communication between team members. You can share coordinates, report enemy movements, or plan resource gathering expeditions without the need to be physically close. Carrying a Mobile Phone could mean the difference between survival and surprise attacks from enemies. Remember to keep the phone charged; you wouldn't want it to die during a crucial conversation or an emergency situation. Lastly, be mindful of your surroundings when on a call, as you might attract unwanted attention with your conversation.

Craft Mobile Phone

Workbench Level
Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone Blueprint
Requires DLC
Voice Props Pack
3–15 sec

Recycle Mobile Phone