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Ninja Suit

Ninja Suit

The Ninja Suit in Rust is a unique attire item that players can wear to provide both camouflage and a slight increase in protection. Designed to cover the entire body, this suit blends well with the darkness, making it an excellent choice for nighttime operations or sneaky raids. For players looking to move stealthily through the game environment, the Ninja Suit is an ideal way to reduce their visibility to other players, especially in low-light conditions.

Not only does the Ninja Suit offer stealth advantages, but it also confers a small degree of protection against damage. While it's not as protective as military or heavy armor, it offers more protection than basic clothing items. This makes it a balanced option for those who prioritize speed and discretion but still require some level of durability in player-versus-player (PvP) encounters.

When equipped, the Ninja Suit occupies multiple clothing slots, which means wearing it prevents the use of additional garments like shirts or pants. It's important for players to weigh this trade-off when planning their gear setup. Additionally, its dark color may not be as effective in daytime or well-lit areas, so tactical usage is key. Finally, for players aiming to maximize their stealth, it's recommended to pair the Ninja Suit with other gear that minimizes noise and visibility, such as silenced weapons and low-light vision goggles.

Craft Ninja Suit

Workbench Level
Ninja Suit Blueprint
Steam item
0.25–1 sec
1 sec

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