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Plumber's Trumpet

Plumber's Trumpet

The Plumber's Trumpet is an in-game musical instrument in the popular survival video game, Rust. Crafted from basic materials, this improvised trumpet allows players to produce a variety of sounds, offering not only entertainment but also a means for in-game signaling and communication. With its distinct brass-like appearance and simple design, the Plumber's Trumpet is a favored choice for players looking to add some melody to their survival experience.

As a crafted item, the Plumber's Trumpet can be made using materials commonly found within the game world, making it accessible for players of all levels. Players can use the trumpet to create tunes manually or input sheet music for automated play, which is an excellent feature for those wanting to set a certain mood in their base or while adventuring. Beyond its musical capabilities, the trumpet can serve as a unique way to signal other players during cooperative or competitive play, adding a layer of strategy to interactions.

For players interested in obtaining the Plumber's Trumpet, it is important to note that it doesn't require a workbench to create and does not occupy a large inventory space, thus making it a convenient item to carry on the go. Whether for fun, signaling allies, or simply bringing a touch of creativity to the rugged life of Rust, the Plumber's Trumpet is a versatile and enjoyable item that players will find valuable for various situations within the game.

Craft Plumber's Trumpet

Workbench Level
Plumber's Trumpet
Plumber's Trumpet Blueprint
Requires DLC
Instruments Pack
5–20 sec

Recycle Plumber's Trumpet