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Pure Wood Tea

Pure Wood Tea

Pure Wood Tea is a consumable item in Rust designed to temporarily boost the player's efficiency in wood harvesting. When consumed, this tea significantly increases the amount of wood you gather from chopping down trees with tools like an axe or chainsaw. It's an ideal resource for players looking to quickly gather a large amount of wood for building or crafting purposes.

The tea's effects are limited in duration, so it's most effective to drink it just before a focused wood collection session. Pure Wood Tea is crafted using floral ingredients found within the game world, typically requiring access to advanced tools and a mixing table. It's essential for players aiming to save time and energy in resource gathering efforts.

Utilizing Pure Wood Tea can give you an edge in building fortifications faster or ensuring you have enough supplies for big crafting projects. Remember to plan your gathering route in advance to maximize the efficiency of the tea's effects. Stack these with other efficiency-boosting items for an even greater yield when you're out working in the Rust wilderness.

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Pure Wood Tea Mixing

Ingredients Total
BP Required
Pure Wood Tea
Pure Wood Tea
Advanced Wood Tea
Advanced Wood Tea
Advanced Wood Tea
Advanced Wood Tea
5 sec
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