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Red Keycard

Red Keycard

The Red Keycard in Rust is an essential item for players seeking high-tier loot, as it grants access to heavily secured areas known as red puzzle rooms. These exclusive areas are the treasure troves of the game, stocked with elite crates that contain valuable gear and resources. However, obtaining this loot is no easy feat—players must be ready to face formidable guards, including NPC scientists equipped with lethal F1 Grenades.

Players looking to acquire a Red Keycard can find them within several key monuments across the Rust landscape. These keycards are typically found on desks within the Water Treatment Plant, Airfield, Power Plant, and Trainyard. Once in hand, the Red Keycard becomes a gateway to unlocking some of the most challenging and rewarding areas in the game.

The Red Keycard is used to unlock doors in high-security zones such as:

  • Military Tunnels: Requires an electric fuse, blue keycard, and red keycard. The green keycard is not mandatory but offers additional pathways. Players should be prepared with medical supplies and weapons to tackle grenade-throwing scientists.
  • Launch Site: Needs 2 electric fuses, a green keycard, and a red keycard. The area's main threat is the Bradley APC, easily avoidable with strategic movement. High radiation levels dictate the use of hazmat suits, although additional radiation protection is advisable.
  • Oil Rigs: Both Small and Large Oil Rigs require a red keycard for entry. On the Small Oil Rig, also bring a blue keycard to reach the red puzzle room. Defending against scientists and, potentially, heavy scientists after hacking the locked crate is critical—weapons and medical items are a must.
  • Underwater Labs: Here, players need both an electric fuse and a red keycard to explore and gather the underwater riches.

Remember that while the Red Keycard unlocks the door to opportunity, the journey through these zones is perilous. Equip yourself with adequate ammunition, medical supplies, and a readiness for combat. Wise adventurers plan their forays meticulously, ensuring they're not just entering a den of riches but also one of danger.

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