The Sousaphone in Rust is an in-game item fashioned from a collection of reclaimed pipes transformed into a musical instrument resembling a Tuba. It's a quirky addition to Rust's diverse item list, offering a humorous yet not particularly clean option for players interested in creating music or simply enjoying a fun distraction in the game. Note that while it adds entertainment value, the Sousaphone has no practical survival use.

Players can use the Sousaphone to perform tunes, adding a light-hearted atmosphere to their in-game interactions. Its unique appearance, mimicking a traditional brass Sousaphone, makes it a novel item to collect or display in a base. Despite its makeshift appearance, the item is beloved for its ability to inject a bit of joy and creativity into the often harsh world of Rust.

As a cosmetic and entertainment piece, the Sousaphone doesn’t contribute to a player's survival stats or provide any combat advantages, but it can be an excellent way to bond with teammates or to give fellow players a memorable experience. Remember to keep it in a safe place in your base, as the Sousaphone is just as vulnerable to theft as any other item in Rust should your defenses be breached.

Craft Sousaphone

Workbench Level
Sousaphone Blueprint
Requires DLC
Instruments Pack
5–20 sec

Recycle Sousaphone