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Spray Can

Spray Can

The Spray Can is a versatile tool in the survival game Rust that allows players to express creativity and personalize their belongings. With this item, individuals can leave tags on various surfaces or reskin items to refresh their appearance. To use the can, simply press the attack button to spray paint and press the attack2 button when you wish to change the skin of your in-game items. This feature is particularly useful for marking territory, sending messages to other players, or just customizing your gear to stand out.

Beyond its primary uses, the Spray Can serves as an important tool for strategic gameplay in Rust. Players often use it to create confusing or misleading signs to deter potential raiders or direct allies to hidden stashes. Keep in mind that the spray paint from the can is permanent until it is painted over, making it a lasting decision. Remember to stock up on this valuable item as you explore, and use it wisely to make your mark on the world of Rust.

Craft Spray Can

Workbench Level
Spray Can
Spray Can Blueprint
Known by Default
3–15 sec

Recycle Spray Can