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40mm HE Grenade

40mm HE Grenade

The 40mm HE Grenade is a potent ammunition type designed for use with the 40mm Grenade Launcher in the survival game Rust. This high-explosive grenade delivers significant damage upon impact, making it an ideal choice for players seeking to destroy structures or eliminate groups of enemies efficiently in-game. Its explosive power is balanced by a limited range and the necessity of precision, as it can be less effective if not accurately aimed at the target.

Upon detonation, the 40mm HE Grenade produces a lethal radius effect, which is especially useful when raiding enemy bases or engaging in PvP battles. Users should be aware that the grenade's explosive force can also harm the player if detonated too close to their position, thereby necessitating careful use. It is also important to note that, due to its high effectiveness, the 40mm HE Grenade is a high-value item within Rust and should be utilized strategically.

For those looking to maximize the grenade's potential, it is recommended to aim for structural weak points when targeting buildings, or to fire upon clusters of enemies to take full advantage of its area damage capabilities. Effective utilization of this ammunition can significantly turn the tide of any engagement in the game.

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