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Bota Bag

Bota Bag

The Bota Bag in Rust is a crafted item used to store and carry drinkable water. It's specifically designed for hydration on the go, making it essential for survival. To fill the Bota Bag, simply equip it and right-click when you are near a water source, such as a river or lake. To ensure you have safe drinking water, make sure it's from a freshwater source - avoid saltwater or stagnant water.

Drinking from the Bota Bag is as easy as a left click. It's perfect for quenching thirst during your adventures. Should the need arise to empty the Bota Bag, perhaps to get rid of unwanted water or to put out a fire (excluding napalm fires), right-clicking will promptly dump out the contents. Keep in mind that the Bota Bag cannot be used with harmful liquids; it's solely for water, contributing to its practicality in survival scenarios.

With a Bota Bag, you can stay hydrated while exploring, without having to constantly be near a water source. Remember to refill it regularly, manage your water resources wisely, and you'll increase your chances of surviving the treacherous world of Rust. It's a lightweight, convenient tool that works effectively for keeping up with your hydration needs.

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Bota Bag
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