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Bunny Hat

Bunny Hat

The Bunny Hat is a whimsical cosmetic item in the popular survival game Rust. Designed with floppy ears that amusingly wobble as players move, this hat was introduced to celebrate the Easter season of 2021. It's a festive, light-hearted addition to a survivor's wardrobe, perfect for spreading holiday cheer amidst the game's often harsh environment.

While the Bunny Hat does not provide any tactical advantages or boosts to a player's stats, it serves as a fun way to stand out and express personality during gameplay. Its unique appearance makes it a sought-after item during the Easter event, and it may also be traded with other players who are looking to complete their collection of seasonal apparel.

Players looking to acquire the Bunny Hat should participate in Easter-themed activities within the game or check out the in-game marketplace for opportunities to obtain it. Additionally, as with many cosmetic items in Rust, it can also be stored in a player's inventory for future events or as a memento of Easter 2021.

Craft Bunny Hat

Workbench Level
Bunny Hat Blueprint
Steam item
1–5 sec

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