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Burlap Shirt

Burlap Shirt

The Burlap Shirt in Rust is a basic piece of clothing crafted from burlap, a coarse cloth made from jute, hemp, or a similar fiber. This shirt provides minimal protection to players, offering slight resistance against potential damage, such as scrapes and minor impacts. It's particularly useful for newcomers to the game as it is easily accessible and can be crafted with common materials found early on.

Although the Burlap Shirt does not provide significant protection compared to more advanced armor options, wearing one is better than having no protection at all. It serves as a starting point in a player's quest to survive the harsh environment of Rust. By equipping this shirt, players will have a slightly increased chance of survival as they navigate through the game's challenges, especially during the initial stages of gameplay where encounters with wildlife or other players can prove to be dangerous.

In terms of utility, the Burlap Shirt occupies the chest armor slot, allowing players to pair it with other basic protective gear such as Burlap Trousers or Burlap Shoes for a small boost in overall defense. It's an item worth considering for those who are working towards more robust protection, acting as an interim solution until better gear can be obtained. Pro tip: always aim to upgrade to higher-tier armor as soon as possible, but don't overlook the Burlap Shirt as a starting protection piece during the early game grind. Successful players know that even a slight advantage can make a significant difference in survival and progression.

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Burlap Shirt
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3–15 sec

Burlap Shirt Blueprint

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