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Decorative Baubels

Decorative Baubels

Decorative Baubels are festive items in Rust, used to adorn your Christmas tree during the holiday season. These colorful ornaments can be hung on the branches of the tree to provide a decorative touch to your base and spread cheer among players. Not only do they serve as charming seasonal decor, but they also are part of the game's Christmas event, which offers additional gameplay options and rewards.

Every bauble comes in a variety of colors and designs, ensuring that players can personalize their tree to their own aesthetic preferences. While they are primarily for visual enjoyment, these baubles can also indirectly influence player morale by creating a festive atmosphere within the otherwise harsh environment of Rust.

To make use of Decorative Baubels, simply approach your placed Christmas tree, open the tree's inventory, and drag the baubles into it. Watch as your tree becomes a beacon of holiday spirit, delighting both you and any visitors to your base. Remember that these baubles are typically only available during the Rust Christmas event, so be sure to collect and display them during this time!

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Gingerbread man
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