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Egg Basket

Egg Basket

The Egg Basket in Rust is a seasonal item used specifically for Easter-themed events within the game. Players can equip the Egg Basket to participate in Easter egg hunts. While equipped, it allows you to swiftly collect eggs scattered around the map by using the left-click action. Additionally, the Egg Basket has a unique feature that lets players throw Painted Eggs as projectiles with the right-click, causing splash damage to opponents or targets.

Designed with the festive spirit in mind, the Egg Basket not only serves as a tool for collection during special events but also adds a fun, interactive element to the gameplay. During egg hunts, having the Egg Basket is essential for gathering eggs quickly, which can often be traded for various rewards. The throwing feature of Painted Eggs can also be used strategically for playful combat or as a means to distract enemies.

Remember, the Egg Basket is mainly active during the Easter event in Rust. To maximize its use, players should look out for announcements on when egg hunts begin. Knowing the map and egg locations can give you an advantage in collecting them faster. Lastly, practice your aim when throwing Painted Eggs, as they can be a surprise element in player-versus-player (PvP) encounters.

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