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Handmade Shell

Handmade Shell

The Handmade Shell is a basic ammo type in Rust, designed for early-game survival scenarios. This shotgun shell packs a punch with a wide spread of 20 pellets, making it particularly effective at close range. Its strength lies in its ability to deliver a broad hit area, increasing the chances of striking an opponent or wildlife in tense, up-close encounters.

While each pellet deals low damage, the cumulative effect of all 20 can be devastating to targets within a short distance. However, users should note that the Handmade Shell's power diminishes sharply as you move away from your target; its effectiveness falls off at longer ranges where the pellets disperse too widely to be lethal.

In direct comparison to its more refined counterpart, the 12 gauge buckshot, the Handmade Shell offers a larger number of projectiles per shot at the cost of reduced damage per pellet. This can make it a more forgiving option for players with less precise aim, or when facing multiple threats at once.

Given its resource-friendly crafting requirements, the Handmade Shell is an accessible ammunition choice for players who have just started out or are struggling to acquire more complex resources. It's important for survivors to carry enough of these shells during their early ventures, as it could mean the difference between life and death when confronting Rust's many dangers.

To summarize, the Handmade Shell is a versatile and essential early-game ammunition, ideal for close-range defense and hunting, with a significant drop-off in effectiveness at range. Its high pellet count can be a game-changer in chaotic, close-quarter skirmishes.

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Gingerbread man
10 %

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Handmade Shell
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Gun Powder
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