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Hide Boots

Hide Boots

The Hide Boots in Rust are considered a mid-tier type of footwear designed to provide players with improved protection, particularly against animal attacks. While they surpass the basic Burlap Shoes in terms of defense, they remain an affordable upgrade for players looking to enhance their survivability in the wilderness. Crafted from animal hide, these boots are a practical investment for explorers and hunters alike.

Wearing the Hide Boots not only boosts your defense against animals but also marginally increases your resistance to environmental hazards. Their durability and cost-effectiveness make them a popular choice for players who have just started to gather resources and are preparing to face the threats of Rust's expansive open world. As you gear up to explore, scavenge, and battle, equipping these boots can provide the necessary edge to keep you on your feet longer.

As you continue to advance in the game, you may find materials to craft even more robust footwear. However, for those still establishing themselves in the game, the Hide Boots strike a perfect balance between protection, affordability, and availability. Keeping a pair in your inventory ensures that you're ready for unexpected encounters with wildlife, without significantly impacting your resources.

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Hide Boots
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7–30 sec

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