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Hide Halterneck

Hide Halterneck

The Hide Halterneck is a clothing item in the survival game Rust, primarily designed for torso protection. It shares identical defensive statistics with the Burlap Shirt, although it features a more revealing design. The Hide Halterneck offers basic protection against environmental hazards and minor defense in PVP situations, marking it as a suitable early-game armor choice.

Being crafted from common materials, including cloth and animal hide, the Hide Halterneck is accessible to new players and can be easily obtained within the early stages of the game. It is functional as well as stylistic, providing players with a balance between protection and mobility. Despite its minimalistic coverage, it does not compromise on the wearer's safety when compared to other basic torso garments, like the Burlap Shirt.

Players looking to craft the Hide Halterneck should prioritize gathering the necessary resources soon after starting the game. Combining utility with a unique aesthetic, this item can help players blend into the wilderness of Rust while offering a slight edge in their initial survival efforts. Keeping in mind its non-superiority in defense compared to higher-tier armor, survivors should consider upgrading when possible to improve their chances against more heavily equipped adversaries.

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Hide Halterneck
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