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Hide Pants

Hide Pants

The Hide Pants are a piece of clothing in the game Rust, designed to provide your character with protection primarily from physical injuries such as animal bites. Crafted from leather, these pants offer superior bite resistance when compared to their simpler counterpart, the burlap trousers. However, they do not offer much in terms of insulation, giving them inferior cold resistance.

Due to the scarce nature of leather in the game, players often must make strategic choices regarding the use of this valuable resource. Many opt to reserve leather for crafting essential items like boots and gloves, or for higher-tier armor that provides more comprehensive protection in various scenarios within Rust's harsh survival environment.

When considering whether to craft Hide Pants, note their durability and enhanced protection against certain threats, but also remember to balance your need for warmth if you're exploring or living in colder regions of the map. Players concerned with optimizing their defensive gear might prioritize other leather items, but Hide Pants can be a solid choice for early-game protection or for specific encounters like hunting wildlife.

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Hide Pants
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7–30 sec

Hide Pants Blueprint

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