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High Velocity Arrow

High Velocity Arrow

The High Velocity Arrow is a specialized type of ammunition designed for use with the crossbow, compound bow, and standard bow in Rust. This arrow stands out because it is lighter and crafted to fly at higher speeds and greater distances compared to the standard arrow. The trade-off for this increased range and speed is that the high velocity arrow inflicts less damage upon impact, making it a strategic choice for players who prefer engaging targets from afar or require a faster projectile to hit moving targets.

Gameplay Tip: When using High Velocity Arrows, aim to strike unsuspecting targets or use the arrows to apply pressure on opponents from a distance. They work exceptionally well in open areas where their high speed and long range can be fully utilized. However, remember that due to their reduced damage output, it might require more hits to take down an enemy compared to standard arrows. Keeping a balanced quiver with a mix of arrow types can often be the best strategy, allowing for flexibility in different combat situations.

Additional Info: High Velocity Arrows can be crafted by players, using wood and metal fragments. It's important for players to gather these resources beforehand to ensure they have enough ammo during raids or when exploring the wilderness. Always consider your inventory space and plan your arrow types in accordance with your planned activities or potential threats you may encounter in the world of Rust.

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High Velocity Arrow
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