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Horse Dung

Horse Dung

Horse Dung is a natural resource item you can gather in the survival game Rust. Often found where horses have been or in stables, Horse Dung is a key component for farming, used as a fertilizer to increase the yield of your crops. Fresh and fertile, it's essential for players looking to sustain their food supply or grow ingredients for crafting.

When collected, Horse Dung can be applied directly to your planter boxes or farm plots, providing nutrients that help to speed up plant growth and ensure a successful harvest. Its efficiency in enhancing crop quality makes it a valuable item for both solo players and teams who rely on agriculture.

To maximize the benefits of Horse Dung, combine it with other resources like compost to create a rich soil mix. Keeping a stockpile of Horse Dung can be a game-changer, especially for those invested in large-scale farming operations. Remember to check on areas frequented by horses regularly to maintain a steady supply of this useful resource.

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