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Nest Hat

Nest Hat

The Nest Hat in Rust is a unique headwear item that features a whimsical design inspired by an Easter nest. Complete with googly eyes, this hat stands out for its playful appearance. It not only serves as a fun cosmetic option for players wanting to add a touch of humor to their in-game character, but it also provides a basic level of head protection.

Despite its silly look, the Nest Hat can be worn to reduce the damage taken from attacks to the head, offering some defense in the unforgiving world of Rust. Although it is not as protective as other helmets or headgear, it is a light-hearted choice for players during Easter events, casual gameplay, or while socializing with other survivors.

To make the most out of the Nest Hat, consider pairing it with light armor for increased mobility, or wear it during festive occasions to show off your holiday spirit. Remember that while it might draw some laughs from other players, the Nest Hat is still a clear sign that you're embracing the fun side of survival.

Craft Nest Hat

Workbench Level
Nest Hat Blueprint
Steam item
7–30 sec

Recycle Nest Hat


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