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Ox Mask

Ox Mask

The Ox Mask is a festive cosmetic item in the multiplayer survival game Rust, released to commemorate the 2021 Lunar New Year. Designed to resemble an ox, this mask represents the Chinese Zodiac animal for the year 2021, symbolizing strength and reliability.

Primarily used for decoration, the Ox Mask does not provide any in-game advantage or protection to the player. However, it is highly sought after for its unique appearance and its role in completing a player's Lunar New Year themed outfit. This rare collectible can be worn to showcase participation in seasonal events or to stand out amongst other survivors in the game.

To obtain the Ox Mask, players could either purchase it during the event period or trade with others who have it. While the mask holds no practical function, it remains a beloved item for its cultural significance and role as a reminder of the festivities within the Rust universe. Collectors and enthusiasts within the game may wish to acquire this mask to complete their collection of event-specific items or simply to express their style with this unique accessory.

Craft Ox Mask

Workbench Level
Ox Mask Blueprint
Steam item
1–5 sec

Recycle Ox Mask


Ox Mask Skins