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Pumpkin Bucket

Pumpkin Bucket

The Pumpkin Bucket is an essential item in Rust for the seasonal Trick or Treat events. It possesses the unique ability to accelerate candy collection, enabling players to gather sweets efficiently with a simple left-click action. For added fun, the right-click function allows users to throw candy, making it a versatile tool for both hoarding treats and sharing them during the game's Halloween festivities. This bucket is specially designed for these events, and using it can greatly enhance your candy-collecting experience.

For those looking to maximize their candy haul, the Pumpkin Bucket is an invaluable asset. Ensure that you have it equipped to quickly stash candies as you go door-to-door or when you discover them scattered around the game world. Remember, during events, the more candy you collect, the better the rewards, so keep your bucket handy and make each Trick or Treat outing count. Though primarily used for collection, don't forget to enjoy some in-game mischief by flinging candies at other players for a little light-hearted fun.

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