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Purple Sunglasses

Purple Sunglasses

Purple Sunglasses are a unique cosmetic item in the survival game Rust, obtained by players during a special Twitch drop event. They feature a stylish purple-tinted lens and provide no in-game advantages, serving purely as a decorative accessory for your character. These sunglasses are a sign of participation in Rust's community events and are sought after for their rarity and distinctive appearance.

As a non-craftable item, the Purple Sunglasses cannot be made by players and do not offer any protection against in-game elements such as sunlight or radiation. Instead, they are a status symbol, showcasing involvement with Rust's interactive and promotional events streamed on Twitch. Owning and wearing the Purple Sunglasses can make your character stand out among others, adding a personal touch to your in-game persona.

For collectors and fashion-conscious survivors, Purple Sunglasses can be stored in your inventory or displayed on your character. Keep in mind that, like all items in Rust, if you fall to an enemy, your precious sunglasses may be looted. Therefore, it's wise to show them off safely within your base or in less risky areas of the game world. Whether you're trading with friends or aiming to have a unique look, the Purple Sunglasses are a cool addition to any Rust player's collection.

Craft Purple Sunglasses

Workbench Level
Purple Sunglasses Blueprint
Steam item
3–15 sec

Repair Purple Sunglasses

Max Repair Cost
Condition Loss
BP Required

Recycle Purple Sunglasses