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Rat Mask

Rat Mask

The Rat Mask in Rust is a unique wearable item, featuring a distinct bronze and gold design to commemorate the 2020 Lunar New Year. This decorative mask adds a touch of festive flair to a player's appearance and serves as a cosmetic collectible to showcase participation in the event or to trade with other players. While it does not provide any protective benefits or gameplay advantages, it is highly sought-after for its aesthetic value and rarity.

Beyond its visual appeal, the Rat Mask can also signify status within the Rust community. Collectors and enthusiasts often seek out special items like this to complete their in-game inventory. It's perfect for players who prioritize personalizing their character or making a statement during social interactions.

Remember, the Rat Mask is purely a cosmetic item, meaning it won't offer any resistance against attacks or environmental hazards. It's best used during peaceful encounters or within the safety of your base. To acquire a Rat Mask, keep an eye out for special events or check the in-game market for availability from other players.

Craft Rat Mask

Workbench Level
Rat Mask Blueprint
Steam item
1–5 sec

Recycle Rat Mask


Rat Mask Skins