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Smoke Rocket WIP!!!!

Smoke Rocket WIP!!!!

The Smoke Rocket WIP (Work In Progress) in Rust is an experimental item not yet fully implemented into the game. Its main purpose, when used, is to deal minimal poison damage to players or structures it impacts. Additionally, it creates a cloud of smoke that dissipates rapidly. As the item is in the WIP stage, it is not available for crafting or looting during normal gameplay. Instead, it is accessible exclusively to server administrators who have the ability to spawn it in through console commands.

While the Smoke Rocket WIP's direct impact is relatively limited due to its quick-dispersing smoke and low damage output, it can be leveraged tactically in various situations such as creating a brief visual obstruction for stealth maneuvers or disorienting opponents during engagements. As the item continues to be developed, potential changes to its effectiveness and availability are to be expected. Players interested in experimenting with the Smoke Rocket WIP should reach out to server admins or monitor game updates for its full integration into Rust.

Note that details surrounding the Smoke Rocket WIP may change with subsequent game patches, and it is always a good practice to stay updated on the latest Rust developments for accurate information on in-game items and features. For an optimal gaming experience, keeping track of the Rust item database or official announcements is recommended.

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