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Speargun Spear

Speargun Spear

The Speargun Spear is the ammunition used specifically for the Speargun, a ranged underwater weapon in the survival game Rust. Designed for underwater combat and hunting, this spear is ideal for players looking to protect themselves from aquatic threats or to efficiently gather resources from sea creatures. With its streamlined shape and sharp point, the Speargun Spear is capable of inflicting significant damage to targets at a distance while submerged.

Players can craft the Speargun Spear or find it within the game world, often near bodies of water or in underwater containers. Loading the Speargun with these spears enables players to shoot with precision, and due to its specific design, the spears cannot be used with any other weapon. It's important to note that the Speargun Spear is exclusively an underwater ammunition and won't function on land.

To maximize your hunting prowess underwater, always ensure you have a sufficient supply of Speargun Spears. Keep in mind that shots can be retrieved after firing, helping to conserve resources during extended expeditions. Mastering the use of the Speargun with its spears gives players a significant advantage in obtaining food and materials from the ocean, essential for survival and progression in the world of Rust.

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Speargun Spear
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Speargun Spear Blueprint

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