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Surgeon Scrubs

Surgeon Scrubs

Surgeon Scrubs in Rust is a wearable item that players can craft if they have the Steam item. As a one-piece protective gear, it offers a good alternative to the Hazmat Suit for players seeking mid-tier body protection. The crafting cost for the Surgeon Scrubs is relatively low and does not require a researched blueprint, which makes it accessible for most players.

While the Surgeon Scrubs do not specialize in any particular area of defense, they provide a decent level of radiation protection. Although not quite as effective as the Hazmat Suit in hazardous zones, they allow players to explore a majority of areas safely. Their appeal lies in the unique aesthetic of a cool-looking surgeon outfit, coupled with their practical overall defense capabilities.

In combat situations, the Surgeon Scrubs are considered a solid mid-tier choice. They offer protection comparable to the Bone Armor kit and custom-made clothes sets without specialized armor pieces. They strike a balance between functionality and appearance, making them a popular choice among players who want to stay protected without compromising on style.

When considering gear for your Rust adventures, Surgeon Scrubs can be an efficient and cost-effective option for both budding and experienced players. Whether you're scavenging for resources, engaging in combat, or exploring radiated areas, the Scrubs offer a balanced solution that covers your basic needs.

Craft Surgeon Scrubs

Workbench Level
Surgeon Scrubs Blueprint
Steam item
0.25–1 sec
1 sec

Total crafting cost

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