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Tree Lights

Tree Lights

The Tree Lights in Rust are festive decorations designed to add a burst of color and light to trees around your base. These lights not only serve as a cosmetic enhancement, providing a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere, but also offer practical benefits. When placed on trees, they improve visibility in the area during the night, making it easier to navigate or spot potential threats. Harnessing the power of electricity, the Tree Lights must be connected to an energy source to function.

Installation is straightforward: simply approach a tree with the Tree Lights in your inventory and interact with the tree to wrap the lights around it. You can then wire them up to your electrical grid using a tool like the Wire Tool. Keep in mind that, like any electrical item in Rust, if your power supply is cut, the Tree Lights will go dark until power is restored. Tree Lights can be an integral part of your base's defense system or serve purely as a holiday-themed embellishment. Whatever the use, Tree Lights add a touch of brightness to the Rust landscape.

Quick Tips: The Tree Lights can be picked up and redeployed elsewhere if you decide to move your base or if you simply want to redecorate. They're also a sign that a player is likely maintaining the area, as they require ongoing electricity to stay lit. During festive seasons in Rust, using Tree Lights can add to the immersive experience of the game world. Combine them with other seasonal decorations to create a truly festive base. Make sure your electrical setup is secure to prevent other players from disabling your lights!

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