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Water Gun

Water Gun

The Water Gun in Rust is a lightweight, non-lethal weapon designed for playful interaction and minor distractions. Utilizing the in-game water resource, this pump-action toy allows players to spray their opponents with a steady stream of water. Hold the reload key to increase pressure in the gun, which in turn enhances the range and intensity of the squirt.

Easily refillable and perfect for cooling down during the hot in-game weather, the Water Gun adds a fun dynamic to the survival experience. It's often used for recreational purposes or to annoy other players without causing serious harm. While it's not suitable for combat, a well-pressurized shot can temporarily obstruct an opponent's vision, providing a tactical advantage in non-lethal encounters or during in-game events like the Rust Easter Egg Hunt.

Bear in mind, the Water Gun will not damage structures or enemies, and its effects are purely temporary, making it ideal for light-hearted interactions within the game. Moreover, this item can be an interesting way to communicate with others or signal peaceful intentions from a distance. Always make sure you have a supply of water when venturing out with the Water Gun, as its efficiency depends on your ability to pump and maintain pressure for continuous water fire.

Craft Water Gun

Workbench Level
Water Gun
Water Gun Blueprint
Requires DLC
Sunburn Pack
7–30 sec

Repair Water Gun

Max Repair Cost
Condition Loss
BP Required

Recycle Water Gun