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Water Pistol

Water Pistol

The Water Pistol in Rust is a lightweight, easy-to-carry firearm-shaped toy designed for playful interactions within the game. Unlike other more powerful weapons in Rust, the Water Pistol does not inflict damage, making it ideal for non-lethal fun or for cooling off during the virtual heat. This item is simple to use as it doesn't require pumping, providing a steady stream of water with a trigger pull. However, users should note its lower range and output compared to other in-game water items, like the Water Gun. The Water Pistol is perfect for those looking to engage with fellow players in a friendly manner or to add a humorous element to their survival experience.

While the Water Pistol may not be suitable for combat, it can be used to distract opponents or to signal allies during tactical play. It has a modest water capacity and can be refilled at any water source, ensuring you can reload and continue the fun at a moment's notice. Gamers should also consider the Water Pistol a valuable tool for in-game events or challenges that encourage light-hearted competition.

Craft Water Pistol

Workbench Level
Water Pistol
Water Pistol Blueprint
Requires DLC
Sunburn Pack
7–30 sec

Repair Water Pistol

Max Repair Cost
Condition Loss
BP Required

Recycle Water Pistol