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Wolf Headdress

Wolf Headdress

The Wolf Headdress in Rust is a protective gear item crafted from the skull of a wolf and provides substantial defense benefits for players. When worn, the headdress offers impressive resistance to melee attacks and explosions, as well as very good protection against projectiles. Furthermore, it also helps players cope with the cold, adding a level of cold resistance that can be crucial for survival in Rust's harsh environments.

Apart from its defensive stats, a unique feature of the Wolf Headdress is its compatibility with the bandana. Wearing both items together enhances the protective qualities, making the combined headgear even more formidable against various types of damage. This item is not just a statement in style but also a versatile addition to a player's arsenal, especially useful in early to mid-game scenarios.

Players looking for enhanced survival chances will find the Wolf Headdress an invaluable item. Whether defending against wildlife, raiding other players, or simply surviving the elements, this headdress is a go-to equipment piece. Due to its blend of protection and cold resistance, it remains a coveted item for those looking to optimize their gear.

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Wolf Headdress
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7–30 sec

Wolf Headdress Blueprint

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